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2 weeks ago
Maria Montessori Quotes from Montessori for Everyone

Great, informative quotes from Maria Montessori about the nature of learning, development, and education.

2 weeks ago
The Family That Heals Together

Mighty things can grow from a tiny seed.

2 weeks ago
New: Theami Points! - Stockbridge School - Theami Montessori School

We will soon be implementing Theami Points to grow a partnership with our parents that will allow us to help each other! Theami Points can initially be received by doing things like checking in on ... See more

3 weeks ago
Learning and Exploring Through Play


1 month ago

Last week our students celebrated the birthday of Maria Montessori. Theami Montessori follows her educational theory callibg for a prepared environment to meet the needs of children as they have the ... See more

1 month ago

At Theami Montessori, we encourage our students' natural curiosity to learn.

2 months ago
Photos from Theami Montessori's post

Science class with Dr. Science at Theami Montessori!

2 months ago

Thought for Today:
By Dr.Maria Montessori.
Chapter :2>"THE ACCUSED"
Page No.(16)......
"The adult makes ... See more

2 months ago
Photos from Theami Montessori's post

Today we celebrated the beginning of the school year at our Back to School picnic with friends, old and new. It was great to see our community and students spend time playing, sharing and making new ... See more

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