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    Considering enrolling at Theami Montessori?

    Make sure you understand as much as possible about Montessori – it is very different from public and traditional education. Also, map out our convenient location to your work/home. Above all, look for comparable education that you feel would meet your standard. 

    We encourage every parent to come and tour our classrooms, see our lessons,  and see our students in action. Please fill out the form to your left to schedule a time to visit. This is mandatory for application for enrollment. 

    After your tour you will chat with the director about your expectations and concerns. At this time you will, as a team, make a decision about enrollment viagra bez recepty. If you  enroll, you will fill out the applications, complete initial payments  and register for online access to our school portal.

    What an exciting journey ahead of you! Once you have enrolled, you will need to obtain uniform shirts (white/navy polo) and khaki/navy pants. We will also provide you with lists and needed supplies to prepare you for your first day at Theami. Welcome!

    Our programs are optimized for children ages 2 – 6 years old. 

    Please bring a copy of birth certificate, social security card or passport , as well as shot records when considering registration, in the event you move forward with enrollment. 

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