2016-2017 School Year Updates

As another school year comes to an end, the Theami community reflects on the events, success, and opportunities of the 2016-2017 school year. Because we were joined by a new AMI certified instructor, Theami expanded to include upper elementary; Introducing new lessons such as, the “Great Lessons,” which cover fundamental understandings of life. Lower elementary students took on anthropological projects that explored various aspect of other cultures, including history, religion, nature, government, language, and food; To present for parents at “Culture Day” during Spring semester. To explore the world around our area, which is close by one of the world’s largest airports, Hartsfield-Jackson, students toured the impressive Delta museum for a lesson in flight history and occupational awareness. The field trip included a scavenger hunt, hands-on activities such as, a simulated airplane ride, playing in the basket of a hot air balloon, and using a crank to stimulate the piston mechanism of an airplane engine. It was quite the adventure.

This year, Theami administrators and volunteers prepared for a special Mother’s Day event that was sure to make any mother shed a proud tear. Mothers were treated to coffee, or tea, pastries, and a medley of fruit. Students sang songs and made their mothers special hand-made cards. It was a wonderful celebration that will hopefully become tradition! As the spring semester ended, Theami celebrated by hosting its annual Tea Part Event, in which students played their penny whistles, sang, or dressed up as colorful butterflies. The song selection taught students a lesson in nature, morals, and collaboration.  Afterwards, high tea commenced. Students were “dressed to the nines” and minded their lessons in grace and courtesy. Not only did they create beautiful flowers for the table settings, they also helped serve high tea and dessert. Before we bid farewell to the 2016-2017 school year, the community came together for a picnic at local Clark Park.

While Theami planned to host three sessions of summer camp, per the flyer, session 1 (June 5th-16th) was cancelled due to a much needed administrative recession. Summer camp will commence with session 2 (June 19th-30th), which includes two weeks of arts and crafts followed by session 3 (July 3rd-14th) fun science experiments. To conclude, session 4 (July17th-28th) offers students a chance to engage in the art of cooking, including safety rules and food preparation. (See flyer below for details and pricing)

Additional news: Theami is planning to move to an independent location with hopes of including middle and high school years in the future. Though we have not moved into our new location, plans are still well underway. The process has presented many obstacles, but we remain adamant and vigilant; Continually seeking new grant and funding opportunities to facilitate the process of remodeling and rezoning.


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