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    Through the teachings of Montessori, your children are learning how one of the strongest geometric shapes, the equilateral Triangle, is represented in:

    • Grammar - The Noun Family
    • Mathematics - Geometric Solids
    • History - Early Civilizations & Pyramids

    This symbol can also help you as you begin to visualize your child’s progress as a Montessori student. As you picture the sides of the Triangle, imagine that each side of the symbol represents your child:

    • Presenting -  an Idea
    • Practicing - a Concept
    • Mastering - a Topic
  • Just as the Triangle represents these ideas and visualizations, the Triangle can also represent the relationship between his or her parent(s), Montessori and the child creating a guiding path. As a parent, grandparent, or care taker, you are the key in laying your child’s future success as you help to create clear communication between school and home.

    As a Montessori parent, you are now a helping part of the Triangle partnership. Through Montessori, you can help guide your child through an educational and practical life environment as they begin their exciting journey to becoming who they are meant to be.

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