Counting Beads

“What did you do today?”
How many of us have said this and heard our child tell us exactly what we told our own parents, “I didn’t do anything today”. Now we know this isn’t true,. So to clear up at least one of the mysteries of the class room we’re giving a glimpse into the Counting Beads lesson.
Children are very hands on learners. It’s hard to imagine at four (much less any young age) the concept of math. So to help with this the counting beads were developed. These beads give little fingers a touchable way to count and begin to visualize mathematics. Through this tactile system your child is learning concepts such as units, decimals, tens, hundreds and thousands through the beads geometric structure. Not to mention addition, subtraction, multiplication, squaring and cubing.
So when you’re child comes home and says as usual they did nothing, ask if they worked on the Golden Beads or Counting Beads. They may surprise you by opening up about the simple to complex counting systems they have been working on in class.
Golden Beads or Counting Beads: for ages 4 and up
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