• Theami Montessori provides individualized attention for children ages two to nine.

    Come join us for your child’s Montessori learning experience that will provide your child an opportunity to develop confidence, leadership, empathy, and self-discipline while developing a love of learning.

    Theami Montessori invites you and your child to begin a journey of inspired beginnings for a brighter future! Founded in 2010, Theami Montessori brings an authentic, Montessori learning environment with AMI certified teachers to Henry County and its surrounding communities.

    We are conveniently located off of Highway 42.


  • Choose Theami Montessori and watch your child blossom.

    • Comprehensive reporting

      Get details on what your child is doing.

    • Educational field trips

      Frequent educational trips that engage and excite!

    • Small-class settings

      Our children are taught in small groups and have individual goals.

    • Positive learning environment

      We have an environment that is home-like and comfortable.

    • Unique Learning Opportunities

      Opportunities to carry out scientific investigations!

    • Real-Life Connections

      Connections of concepts learned in class are made to the outside world and nature

  • Montessori Methods right here in Henry County .

    • Convenient Location

      We are located right off Highway 42.

    • Genuine Montessori Materials

      Our AMI based Montessori lessons will engage and empower your child to learn.

    • AMI CertifiedTeachers

      Our teachers have been certified in the Montessori Method

    • Work/Play Balance

      Students receive an appropriate balance of work and play – they are children, after all!

    • Skill Building

      Skills like practical life and sensorial skills actually enhance and improve education in the core subjects.

    • Holistic, Individualized Education

      Each child learns at their own pace, choosing their own lessons.

  • Are you ready to get enrolled?